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Enter the quantity of small video tapes(media) that you wish to be converted. A small tape is any 8mm format, VHS-C, SVHS-C, mini dv, or micro dv, mini DVCam, ruvi, or any camera digital file. The run time of the tape does not effect the cost.

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Enter the quantity of video tapes that you wish to be converted that are not small camera tapes. These include VHS, SVHS, Betamax, Video 2000, U-Matic (high and low band), Betacam, Full size DV, Digibeta and Digital VHS (Digital S). The run time of the tape does not effect the cost.

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This order has been printed before. Because we keep a record of all orders we need to know if this is an additional order or the same one being printed again/updated.

If you are unsure which format to select then choose MP4 files. These are high quality files and will be the best option for general use. They are a very popular file type and should be as future proof as possible. All popular editing systems (PC and Mac) will import MP4 files, they can be streamed or uploaded. AVI files are high quality files for editing only on PC or MAC. AVI is a well established file format but large files restrict their use to editing. PRORES files are for editing on a Mac computer, they are a professional file format and only for experienced users. HD files are only recommended for 16mm scanning.

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We now have your order details on our database.
If you entered your email address you will be sent a confirmation email within the next few minutes.
If you do not receive this in your inbox please check your spam folder and set us as a trusted sender.
Please send your films to us clearly indicating your name and address.

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If you have a printer installed you can print your order details and address labels. If not just supply your name and telephone number with your order. We have all your details on our database.

You have requested computer files.
If you do not require a Disc, please
de-select DVD/BR conversion by clicking on the relevant logo.

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All tapes are converted to computer files as standard. In addition you can have your tapes converted to DVD disc or Blu-Ray disc. We can also host your films on our cloud server.

To make a selection click the logos to toggle on or off.

Choose DVD for a disc that can be played in a DVD player or on a computer with an optical drive.

Choose Blu-Ray for a disc that can be played on a Blu-Ray player. Although the disc will be high definition, there will be no noticeable quality improvement over DVD for any film other than very sharp, well exposed 16mm films. The quality of the original film is the limiting factor.

Computer Files
Several formats are available depending upon your needs ie editing or streaming. Computer files are more future proof than a disc.

Cloud Hosting
Your films are hosted on our cloud server and can be viewed anywhere in the world with any internet enabled device. You will be sent a web link to your files with a password to access. After 12 months you will be given the option to extend the hosting for an annual fee.

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